Connecticut’s Magnificent Fall Foliage Season

A Colorful Autumn Adventure Awaits

Connecticut, often overshadowed by its northern New England neighbors when it comes to fall foliage, has a pleasant surprise in store for travelers this year. State foresters are predicting a spectacular display of vibrant colors that will extend throughout the autumn season. In this blog post, we’ll explore the beauty of Connecticut’s foliage and provide you with peak foliage timeframes and some unique spots to witness this natural spectacle.

Connecticut’s Extended Foliage Season:

Unlike northern New England states where the fall foliage season is relatively short-lived, Connecticut boasts a more extended period for leaf-peeping enthusiasts. This means you have more opportunities to immerse yourself in the breathtaking autumn beauty.

Peak Fall Foliage:

To help you plan your visit, we’ve outlined estimated peak fall foliage timeframes for different regions of Connecticut:

Connecticut Northwest/Northeast Corners:

October 3 – 8

Connecticut Eastern and Western Mid-State Counties:

October 16 – 23

Shoreline and lower Connecticut River Valley:

October 24 – 30

Southwest Corner:

November 7 – 14

A hidden gem is the Connecticut River, particularly the stretch between Old Saybrook and East Haddam. Here, the foliage retains its vibrant hues well into the first week of November. So, if you’re planning a late-season leaf-peeping trip, the southern parts of the state, like Fairfield County, are the places to explore.

Diverse Foliage Viewing Experiences:

Connecticut offers a diverse range of destinations and attractions that provide unique vantage points to admire the autumn foliage. Here are some must-visit spots:

1 – Mystic Seaport Museum’s Harbor:

Head to Mystic Seaport Museum, where you can witness the changing leaves while surrounded by the serene beauty of the harbor. The contrast of the colorful foliage against the backdrop of historic ships is a sight to behold.

2 – Rural Countryside Farms:

Escape to the quiet countryside, where farms come alive with autumnal splendor. Enjoy hayrides, pumpkin picking, and the sight of leaves crunching underfoot as you explore these rural gems.

3 – Gillette Castle State Park:

Hike to the top of Gillette Castle and be rewarded with panoramic views of the Connecticut River Valley blanketed in fall colors. This medieval-inspired castle offers a unique perspective on the foliage.

4 – Corn Mazes:

Embrace the spirit of the season by navigating through classic Connecticut corn mazes. Surrounded by rustling cornstalks and vibrant leaves, it’s a quintessential autumn experience.


Connecticut’s foliage season promises to be nothing short of spectacular this year, with its longer timeframe ensuring that you won’t miss

the autumn beauty. From the early changes in the northern parts to the late-season charm of the Connecticut River Valley, there are plenty of

opportunities to witness nature’s colorful transformation. Don’t miss the chance to explore Connecticut’s unique vantage points and create lasting

memories of this magnificent foliage season. Plan your trip today, and experience the magic of autumn in the Constitution State!

For more information and live foliage updates, visit Connecticut’s Fall Foliage Report.

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